Legal Translation

I offer translation services in the field of civil law, criminal law, family law, company law, contract law, labour law, European Union law and administrative law. I translate, among other things, documents including contracts, court rulings, pleadings, legal opinions, company mems and arts, charters, resolutions, registration documents etc., notarial deeds, court and police records, last wills and testaments, powers of attorney, tendering documents, academic articles and publications regarding legal issues and many more.

Economic Translation

Economic translation covers sectors such as insurance, banking, accounting, finance, business etc. The documents I deal with most often include contracts, internal banking and corporate procedures, insurance terms and conditions, financial statements, reports on audits carried out in banks and companies, HR texts, documents pertaining to securities, funds and investments, financial results, market research reports and many more.

Social Science Translation

I am also willing to work on projects in the field of social science, in particular sociology, psychology, political science and philosophy. These are areas that I am privately interested in and explore in my free time, which is why projects in these fields are of particular interest to me.

Audiovisual Translation

I also offer audiovisual translations in the form of subtitles. I have completed post-graduate studies in audiovisual translation, therefore I have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge as well as professional experience in this field.


Translation verification involves a comparison with the original text and the correction of terminological, factual, stylistic, grammatical, punctuation and typographical errors. Proofreading consists in checking the translation only for linguistic errors, without the reference to the original.

Legal English

My offer includes also Legal English classes, which are always tailored to the individual needs of every participant.

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