Examples of completed projects


Contracts (hundreds of pages); Academic articles (criminal law); Legal opinions (intellectual property, commercial law, breach of contract, banking); Pleadings and rulings (divorce, successions, civil proceedings); EU legal acts (European Parliament); Companies (Articles of Association, resolutions, contracts, copies of entries in registers, merger procedures, transformation procedures); Notarial deeds (real estate, family law, civil law); Powers of attorney; Certificates of civil status; Administrative procedures; Extensive offer of an international law firm


Audit reports on audits (banks and companies); Financial statements; Tendering documentation, ToR; Banking (audits, internal procedures and documents, contracts, presentations of financial results, legal opinions, etc.); Insurance (GTCs, contracts, policies); Financial statements and audit reports; Procedures (anti-corruption, guarantee, quality control); Policies and internal documents of multinational corporations; HR (recruitment procedures, remuneration policies, assessments etc.); Investment, banking and insurance contracts; Business (offers, promotional and loyalty programs, marketing texts, websites, office software and many other); Market research reports and financial results;


Doctoral dissertations, academic papers; A biography of a photographer; A report of the Ministry of the National Education; Texts for government institutions (the Senate, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister), embassies and offices, profiles of MPs; EU projects; Dialogues for documentaries, promotional films and TV series, film scripts; Descriptions of architectural projects; Painting and photographic exhibitions; Materials for film and music festivals; Texts in the field of technology, medicine, history, literature, environmental protection, tourism, music, sports, motoring, cosmetology, gastronomy, agriculture, fashion, to name a few.

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